Value Exchange for Customers

quelling chaos; quickening innovation

The concept of Value Exchange is key to understanding the choices customers make in accessing your organisation’s service and product offerings.

When organisations do the Value Exchange Activity and define what Value customers seek to receive and want to contribute – there are moments of  clarity and opportunity. With this potent knowledge, they use their design power to develop better offerings, they reset their expectations, ignorance is reduced, and creativity is released.

Read more about the concept in this article: Exploring Customer perspectives of Value Exchange.

The Customer Value Perspective is part of a multiple perspective view of value in your enterprise. Consider also Business Owner/Organisational Leader; and Employee perspectives.

Customer Value Exchange Cards

The Value Elements in this set take the perspective of a Customer, and the word choice reflects this perspective.

Basic Card Set contains:

  • 70 Customer Value Element cards
  • 2 Blank cards for adding new Value Elements to your set
  • Instruction booklet for doing basic Value Exchange Activity for Customer perspective
  • Value Exchange Ledger Sheet (A4 size PDF; also available to download and print)


Contact us for bulk orders (5+) of cards. (There’s a standard deal for a bundle of 5 cards.)

Who are the cards for?

  • Product/Service Development Managers
  • Product/Service Design Teams
  • Operational Service Teams


Customer Value Exploration Workshops

These workshops are customised. Typically 2-3 hours in duration, with a series of sessions that address key concepts; planning customer research activity; doing research activity; and synethesising findings from research activity. They can include our suggested Exploration Activities as well and mixing with other HCD methods.


Who are the workshops for?

  • Product and service development Managers wanting to learn the value-based approach
  • Design and development teams wanting an external facilitator to guide them in their first experience of the value-based approach
  • Operational teams and small groups wanting guidance in customer-centric design activity


Handy Resources

A list of resources to enrich and extend your use of the cards:


Collecting feedback

We’d love to hear from you. We invite you to share with us:

  • A suggestion for additional Value Elements to add to the collection
  • Your story about using the Value Exchange Cards and getting a great outcome
  • A suggestion for an Activity using the Cards

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