Value in Business Workshop

quelling chaos; quickening innovation

Know the value you seek to create and contribute in business

Everyday in business there is exchange of value. Traditionally this is thought of as the exchange of Product and Services for Money. That’s only one way to understand value. As business owner(s), you went into business to create value for yourself and for others. A challenge is – perspectives on what is valuable isn’t the same for everyone. This difference in perspective can create tensions (positive and negative) for the working relationships between business owner(s), shareholders, staff, suppliers and customers. Understanding the different elements of value and how they influence everyday actions, opens the way for powerful conversations and more meaningful expressions of business.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.
~ Warren Buffet

Who is it for?

This workshop is for individuals or teams who want to:

  • Have better conversations about what value they get and give from their business
  • Be proactive in shaping meaningful business for a range of stakeholders
  • Make strategic plans for the growth and development of the business from a value-creation perspective
  • Orientate management activity to a value-creation perspective
  • Be literate in value elements and value-exchanges to empower staff’s contribution to business growth and evolution activity

Typical participants include:

  • Business Owners (may include Boards) doing strategic planning
  • A Management Team (including Owners) orientating to a fresh practices of management
  • Joint venture partners as they explore and establish collaboration potential

What does it cover?

The workshop progresses from concepts to practical activities to use in your business planning. Themes include:

  • Making sense of value in business and the role of value in strategic planning
  • Frameworks for value exchange and value creation decisions
  • Elements of value for business owner/management perspectives
  • Exploring ideas for business value creation

How will it help you?

You will gain:

  • Potential to achieve higher levels of satisfaction in business for a range of connected stakeholders
  • Framework for exploring value exchange and value creation activities
  • Insights about how undeclared and unmet expectations about value cause conflict
  • Practical advice for value creation for immediate and long-term perspectives
  • Inspiration to operate business from a value-exchanging orientation
  • Set of Quello Value Exchange Cards (Business Owner) version to reuse

What’s involved?

  • 2-3 hour session (length depends on desire for exploratory conversation)
  • Small group (3-10 people)
  • Interactive, hands-on group activity
  • At your site or off-site
  • Facilitated conversation and personal reflection
  • Safe space to explore and challenge old ways of thinking
  • Making real plans to take away and implement

What does it cost?

In-house session: Price on application
1-1 session: Price on application


To discuss how this learning might help you or your business, contact us.