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For Teams

Facilitated Workshops – Participative Design

Your Circumstances: You’re aware of a problem space that needs addressing. Some of your colleagues are keen to offer solutions, when there’s still understanding to be gained about the problem. You’re keen to make sure you address the right problem(s), and come up with solutions that will be fit-for-purpose for those in need of the solution.

Our Talent: We know the design process from practical experience. We have great facilitation skills with the wisdom when to take a light touch to enable creativity, and strong touch when there’s a need to make progress towards agreed outcomes. We have a rich toolkit to draw from, and select what is useful to the particular design challenge.

What this looks like: Series of team sessions (2-4 hours) of facilitated activity through a design process; or discrete half-day team sessions for a particular stage of the design process

Facilitated Workshops – Specialist Learning

Your Circumstances: Your team is ready for a group session of learning, but you don’t want lectures or stuff that you can’t apply right away. You want the team to acquire new knowledge, mindset and skills as individuals, and as a whole in how they work together. You also want the team to appreciate each other and bond more strongly while doing something fresh together. This is learning focused for teams doing innovation and design activities; teams of people that might not normally work together, but have come together for a focused period of time.

Our Talent: We curate useful knowledge to put into our learning sessions – by paying attention to trends, thought leaders and what works. We also create fresh knowledge to address areas that we think are overlooked. We package this mix of the existing and the innovative into engaging practical learning experiences that make a real difference in people’s lives.

What this looks like: Single or series of half-day team sessions of social learning activity. We design the learning experience and content to fit your learning needs. General themes include Participatory Design Methods and Practices; Team Collaboration for Innovating; Mindsets for Innovation; and Working with Complexity.

We also have pre-designed learning opportunities like Value in Business Workshop and Team Calibration Workshop.

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For Individuals

Strategic Thinking Partnership

Your Circumstance: You have a mind full of thoughts and it feels a little chaotic. You’d love to be able to think out loud with someone else so you can make sense of the possibilities, find useful focal points and make confident decisions about what to do next.

Our Talent: We listen. We ask questions – sometimes challenging assumptions. We offer fresh perspectives. We help you make sense of what’s going on in your mind. We can be a muse for enriching your own ideas and the stimulus of new ideas. We can shape those thoughts into clear steps for action.

What this looks like: A regular series of 1-1 conversations at a time and place that supports your best thinking work.


For self-learning

We publish articles, and curate and publish resources to inspire and enable new action.