Method: Extended Business Model Canvas

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The Business Model Canvas (BMC) tool by Strategyzer is very helpful for organising thoughts about your existing business or a proposed business. We greatly value it and recommend it in it’s original form.

The BMC has a place for capturing detail about Value Proposition – from a Customer perspective.


We extend the BMC to include detail about Value Proposition from a Business Owner perspective. It is good to recognise this value perspective separately, and not confuse it with Customer value. It is also good to honour and understand what a single or multiple owners of a business want, in terms of value they invest in the creation and management of the business, as well as the value they want the business to create for them and others.


Below is an image of the extended BMC illustrating the additional box/content for Value IN and Value Out for the Owner of a business/service. This example is for the product/service, Self unLimited.


Sample of an Extended Business Model Canvas


Further extension

The extended BMC could also include a box along the bottom of the canvas (not illustrated here) to capture details about Values (beliefs, virtues) that are important to ‘bake into’ the design and operation of the business. Values thinking is one basis for shaping the culture of a venture or enterprise.


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