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Working effectively with others in knowledge creation (Part 3)

When I am asked to help others with knowledge creation (in the many forms it might take) or I am seeking help for myself, I take some time to define what kind of contribution is sought and needed. A key consideration is whether the place of contribution is the Develop or Produce phase of knowledge…
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What knowledge creation really looks like (Part 2)

“Knowledge creation” that sounds like such an academic term, right? It’s something many people do when they take what they know and make something with it, to share with others. This article is part 2 in a 3-part series on knowledge creation. In Part 1, I explained two separate-yet-related phases in knowledge creation: Develop, where…
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A fresh perspective on knowledge creation work (Part 1)

Everybody’s work involves the use of knowledge. Some people’s work involves the creation of knowledge. Sometimes that knowledge is informally created when you verbally share with people about something you know. Sometimes that knowledge (aka content) is formally created into something tangible that will exist when you are not around and will be referenced by…
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