quell chaos, quicken innovation


Facilitating action and learning workshops for whole teams. 
Focused on collaboration capability and innovation processes to liberate the team’s power to innovate.


Regular conversations at senior level: exploring, musing, and challenging the status quo.
Focused on decision making to shape a new or renewed business.

with you

We work with you to innovate.

We understand true innovation 
is a balancing act of chaos and order,
of thinking and doing.

We know how to shift from
challenging the status quo,
to shaping something tangible
to be created.

We’ve got experience, tools and
the right sensibilities to serve you
in achieving your innovation endeavours.

How we serve you

Turning thoughts and ideas into something tangible
can be a challenge. You don’t need to tackle this alone – call on Team Quello. 


Single or multiple sessions with a team. Light structure and useful conditions to collaborate and produce innovation outcomes. Doing design together while learning how to work well as a creative team. Sessions custom-designed and hosted by a Quello Facilitator.

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Series of 1-1 conversations with a senior business person. Shaping emergent thoughts, finding useful focus points, making decisions about what to do. Strategic and critical thinking to generate about innovative outcomes for your business.

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Our Team

The permanent team at Quello is small.
We’ve got great relationships with talented people who extend our team as needed.

Helen Palmer

Co-founder, Innovation Facilitator

Sure Helen’s got skills and talents that are highly valuable for innovation – but she does something magic when she’s working alongside people. Things move! With infectious energy, clarity or newfound confidence to take action.

Robert Heslan

Business Manager

Behind the scenes, Robert does the important things that keep a business running. He’s also very good at grounding things in practical reality, and being resourceful to get things done. Essential for innovation to have impact.

What others say

My eyes have opened to the power of a professional facilitator! Having experienced other facilitated groups, I can see the significant difference Helen’s skill has brought to my ability to learn, to share and to collaborate. She’s a wealth of knowledge and intuitive in her approach. She mixes a right balance of nurture and command, tempering egos and giving space to introverts.

Eric Chan

Green Ant Marketing

Things that impress me most about Helen:
* her ability to answer questions that we didn’t even know to ask;
* her balance of broad and deep perspective spanning strategy through to execution; and
* her commitment to add significant value in every interaction.

Matthew Mulrine

Leaders Insight

Helen is a reasoned and seasoned provocateur, a great and relevant storyteller, an insightful leader and facilitator, and a first-class change master.   Helen is skilled in scoping the environment, seeing problems as opportunities and making new things happen. She moves readily and easily from the big picture strategic issues, to the collaborative mid-ground, to the detailed planning and implementation. 

Neville Christie

Serial Innovator

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